What is Long Distance Quantum Energy Therapy?


Have you ever imagined the possibility of getting natural treatment from the comfort and safety of your home?
How about the kind of treatment that will improve your immunity, boost your well-being and put your mind, focus and mood in perfect balance?During Nature Force ® Quantum Distance treatments, you need only sit back, relax and enjoy, wherever you are, at whatever time you choose.
The MED Quantum Distance therapy is an excellent remedy in treating:
  • depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, insomnia
  • all types of pain: phantom limb pain, back pain, joint pain, headaches and migraines
  • unstable/high blood pressure
  • injuries and post-operative recovery
  • weak-sightedness
  • dementia
  • low physical and mental energy
  • a lack of focus and concentration
You may feel warmth, a gentle tingling of your palms, or a mild air current on your face: all manifestations of a powerful energy flow regenerating your body and spirit. You may even experience this flow visually through various dancing colors and shapes. 


Energy has no physical bounds – it is everywhere around us and all living matter is plunged into it, including us, humans. Energy has no spatial or temporal obstacles, which is why our Quantum Distance Therapy is so effective even from miles away.
The NF® Quantum Distance treatment is done using the Nature Force® Mirror Energy Device (MED), a unique cabin of mirrors which contains powerful energy flows ignited by reflective surfaces. All the while you’re enjoying your therapy session, the experienced Nature Force practitioner is transferring the energy generated by the NF® MED to you, using your photograph. The effect is the same as it would be if you were in the cabin personally.
The practitioner is obliged to act ethically; she can transfer energy only with your consent, and only within the time span that you designate when booking the appointment.
The Mirror Energy Device is the only spot on our planet where time and space do not exist in the way we typically experience them. Therefore it is no wonder that many of our clients feel extraordinary sensations during their long distance treatment: some see snippets of their future, some “travel” to the past, and some even gain insight into their past lives.


Get your Quantum Distance Energy therapy in a few easy steps:
  1. Book your desired time slot on our website. Fill in the requested form and pay through PayPal.
  2. Our expert will e-mail you as soon as possible, and send you detailed instructions.
  3. For best performance, we strongly recommend that you e-mail us a full-body photograph taken against a light background. The photograph will be placed inside the Mirror Energy Device during your treatment.
  4. At your designated time, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your NF® MED Quantum energy therapy from the comfort and safety of your home!
As a general rule, we recommend 6 x 30min sessions given consecutively over a span of six days. You must be over 16.
Nature Force® Quantum Distance Therapy is a beneficial supplement to classical medical procedures and treatments. We kindly ask you to continue your ongoing classical medical treatments and do not stop doing so unless this is recommended by your physician.
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