Collection: Therapeutic Energy Paintings by Nature Force®

These unique therapeutic paintings are powerful works of energy art, working to harmonize and support your health and vitality.

They are created by Prof. Dr. (M.A.) Natalija Timotic, M.D., Ph.D. (H.C.), F.R.C.P., a specialist of alternative, complementary and traditional medicine with over 40 years of experience in her field.

Nature Force® Therapeutic energy paintings have a very wide therapeutic application in relieving and eliminating a variety of life and health issues. The paintings serve as support and help in holistic healing, and as a life-long therapeutic aid.

The basic operating principle of the paintings lies in the energy of colors and symbols. Ever since ancient times it has been known that colors and symbols have a powerful influence on a human being as a whole: our feelings, moods, creativity, happiness, health.

Chromotherapy, an important branch of complementary medicine, is based on the healing effect of colors, and has been successfully practiced ever since the ancient times.
Every color has its own energy vibration and affects our systems with its energy field. Colors open and clear our energy flows, bring balance, and activate our innate healing potentials.

Each Therapeutic Energy painting is a handmade original, and carefully selected color and symbol combinations correspond to specific needs. The paintings have a wide scope of therapeutic and diagnostic application:

  • anti-stress therapy, treating depression, anxiety and insomnia,
  • treating stage fright, a lack of confidence, imbalanced appetite, weight loss,
  • natural treatment of sexual dysfunctions, 
  • strengthening of focus and memorization, increasing vital energy and improving the entire immune system,
  • alleviating and stopping dementia,
  • revitalization and increasing vital energy,
  • functional disorders, health issues of specific organs or organ systems,
  • alleviating the symptoms of autoimmune illnesses,
  • eliminating phantom pain,
  • treating sport- and other injuries, and improving post-surgery recovery,
  • recognizing and fixing bad relationships,
  • gaining self-esteem, confidence, influence and success.

A practical advantage of Nature Force® Therapeutic paintings is that they are easily transported, which is why they can be used whenever and wherever, practically always when they are needed.

Strengthen and activate your inner power and revitalize and increase your energy levels with the aid of Nature Force® Therapeutic Energy Paintings.

Therapeutic Energy Paintings by Nature Force®