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MOTHER FOREST ~ In the healing embrace of Nature

Is there anything better than an embrace full of unlimited love and help?
An embrace full of positive and healing energy?
What if we called this embrace a hug from Mother Forest?

Every tree provides us with a precious life essential – oxygen. Each and every tree radiates positive energy that strengthens all our senses. The soft sounds of rustling leaves soothe our hearing. The smell of tree bark delights us, and the shades of green, yellow and orange relieve our eyes and improve our sight.

Every forest can be rightfully called a Mother Forest. Just like a mother, the forest offers us love, security, peace, comfort, happiness and health.

In this moment when hugs are not allowed because of viruses, it would be good if everyone could find their own tree and give it a hug.

For every person alive there is a specific kind of tree whose vibrations can help maintain harmony and energetic balance in both body and soul, and help battle various life issues. Additionally, hugs cause a production of hormones that relieve pain, strengthen immunity and lessen stress, fears, anxiety and insecurities.

Unfortunately, most people have no opportunity to plant their own trees, and many live far from forests or even parks.

Prof. Dr. (M.A.) Natalija Timotić, M.D., Ph.D. (H.C.), F.R.C.P. has discovered a solution for you all, and created the universal corrector of the human bio-magnetic field, called Nature Force® Tree Spirit.

Nature Force® Tree Spirit is a round wooden disc with extraordinary abilities. It is enriched with specific energies and is one of the best natural generators of positive energy on the planet. Tree Spirit is charged with the exceptional power of trees that enables you to simply enjoy forest therapy whenever and wherever you are.

Its therapeutic application is appropriate in all kinds of issues that a person may face in their life ~ as its creator states, there is nothing that Tree Spirit cannot help you with.

The results are extraordinary and felt right after the first use. Nature Force® Tree Spirit can be used without limits, every day for the rest of your life in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.

If you want your personal healer, order the Tree Spirit Wooden Disc in our shop.

For more information about how the Disc works, read through the Nature Force® Tree Spirit Forest Therapy Disc section.

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