Collection: NF® Eye of Luck Symbol

The unique Nature Force® Eye of Luck Symbol is one of a kind symbol in this world, uniting all of the 3 powerful energetic forces in our life:

  • happiness,
  • love and
  • health

Those who wear the Eye of Luck will certainly experience positive changes and progress in all three areas of their life, because the Eye of Luck acts as an accelerator of what it symbolizes. 

The symbol is an original design of Prof. Dr. (M.A.) Natalija Timotić, M.D., Ph.D. (H. C.), F. R. C. P., a specialist of alternative, complementary and traditional medicine with over 40 years of experience in the field.

How does it work?

Every letter, curve and individual part of the symbol have their designated frequency. Together, the sum of these frequencies works to attract happiness, love and health into your life. The longer you carry the Eye of Luck on your person, the more abundance you will receive.

NOTE! The amount of abundance is solely dependent on your own attitude. The more you connect to the symbol and the more you trust it, the more abundance will be drawn to you. With the Eye of Luck, you will receive exactly what you need.

Order your Eye of Luck today and ensure an abundance of happiness, love and health!