Collection: Energy Cards TULPA

Energy cards TULPA by Nature Force® are a selection of beautiful desk cards charged with positive energy of the ancient symbols derived from the highly spiritual civilizations of Mayans and Aztecs.

The six TULPA symbols represent the six forces affecting your life:

  • power and strength,
  • good luck,
  • spirituality,
  • harmony,
  • wealth and
  • capability and influence.

Each TULPA card is a powerful generator of good energy: enrich your space by placing them on your work desk, your nightstand or even under your pillow, for better sleep.

Each card is energetically protected. With first use, the cards will connect/bind to your energy and work properly only in your hands. When you direct your thoughts and inner potential at them, and connect yourself to them, you will experience actual changes in your life.

A positive change is coming to your life.

Energy Cards TULPA