Karmic Therapeutic Energy Paintings

Karmic paintings open the door to possibilities of positive life changes, by affecting all of the structural levels of the person using them. They do not only work to help us with our current issues and illnesses, but also with the ones that might surprise us in the future. Hardships, blockades or illnesses may arise as a result of our current lives, our natal charts, our past lives, or even because of our ancestors.

The karmic painting that the author bases on the unique karmic diagnosis of the client is an immense support for one’s entire life and has an influence on:

  • all health issues,
  • the fate of the user,
  • the development and support of one’s abilities, potentials, and talents,
  • recognizing life difficulties and blockades, and successfully solving them,
  • making correct life decisions and choices.

Nature Force individual custom made Karmic energy therapeutic painting for good health

Each and every one of the Nature Force® Therapeutic paintings is intended to be used by only one person. The method of using the paintings is prescribed individually, and can be explained to the client either in a personal meeting or through e-mail communication with the author.

A custom-made karmic painting is one of a kind therapeutic aid for your entire life, because it fills a gap in your life that you would otherwise never be aware of.

A practical advantage of Nature Force® Therapeutic paintings is that they are easily transported, which is why they can be used whenever and wherever, practically always when they are needed.

Nature Force Karmic Individual Custom Energy Painting for good health and life

NOTE: The price of a single karmic painting depends on the karmic aspect, issues and needs of the client which is why you should contact us directly at info@shopregulus.com

We ship our Paintings worldwide at a Standard Shipping rate of $46 per painting.